Project Overview

Owned and operated by Colton Wiegers and Graeme Bouvier, Bow Home Services is a Saskatoon based renovations company specializing in painting. They are fully licensed and insured, safety focused, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They want to ensure that their customers are happy and take pride in providing friendly, professional service while completing exceptional work.

In their 2.5 years of operation, they have experimented with diversifying their services by offering small renovations and snow removal, but have recognized that their core competency is in painting, both commercial and residential.

With their business and service direction in place, Colton and Graeme wanted to get the word out and expand their business. They knew they could stand out from their competitors through the quality of services they provide, but were unsure how to convey this through marketing.


Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting with Bow Homes was very positive. As recent graduates of the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, Colton and Graeme understood the value of marketing and were keen to get started.

They had already seen results just by entering the RPM contest. Reaching out for votes and promoting themselves through social media had increased their traffic and engagement. On their wish list for next steps were a website, tips for boosting SEO, and any other ideas we might have.

We agreed that the best place to start was with a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan which would provide an in depth understanding of their industry, a written and visual brand, along with recommendations for how to get their brand into market with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and sales leads. The plan would also provide recommendations on how to measure the success of any marketing initiatives. Having a solid strategy in place would help to make a website and organic SEO more targeted and ultimately more successful.


Marketing Solution Presentation


Once the direction was agreed upon work on the plan and branding began. The WJ team had several conversations with Bow Homes to gather their internal perspectives and insider information about their business. Then we dug into the external research analyzing industry trends, the competition, and identifying the target audience. All of the findings enabled us to identify points of positive difference for Bow Homes and to complete a SWOT analysis. We then circled back with Bow Homes to make sure we were on the right track.

Being on the right track is critical before moving out of Insights as the research and understanding is the foundation for subsequent phases in the plan. The information gathered from the Insights Phase dictates the direction for brand and tactical recommendations.

With Insights agreed upon, the next challenge was to develop a written brand definition. The written brand was created with the goal of defining the unique selling proposition and positioning for Bow Homes.

Then to translate the research and the written brand into a visual representation. During our internal kick off we came up with an idea to create something truly unique for Bow Homes by making a significant shift in their branding which would involve a name and logo change. We decided we had better run it by them before we went any further.

So we presented something that was a little out there. We were really excited. At first, Colton and Graeme thought maybe we had gone too far. They took some time to consider and to run it by their team. They came back and said, “yes, let’s do it!”

To be fair they were still a little hesitant, but wanted to see where we would take it.


At WJ we create visual brands through a moodboard. A moodboard is not unlike an interior designer’s concept board and through imagery (content, angles, lighting), colours, and a range of other considerations we create a visual mood or brand. This, paired with the written brand, become the gatekeepers for branding and all subsequent copy and marketing materials should be checked against these.

Fast forward and it is time to present the moodboard. Bow Homes loved the concept and the way we had interpreted it. Success.

A tactical plan was also developed for Bow Homes identifying strategies, tools, and tactics to achieve their marketing goals. The tactical plan also considered all steps a customer would take along the consumer pathway from first deciding to hire a painter, through purchase, to project completion. After the presentation WJ received this e-mail from Bow Homes,

“Thank you . . .we think you guys did a fantastic job of steering us in the right direction, so we can take our business to new heights.”

Spring is coming in Saskatoon and Bow Homes is eager to get into the market and to start booking their summer painting jobs. Next steps will be logo development and a promotional piece. The new brand will be revealed soon. We think it is a million-dollar idea and look forward to watching Bow Homes succeed!

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