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At William Joseph, we’re committed to supporting entrepreneurs as they develop their business through bold, ambitious marketing. That’s why we have evolved our RPM program and launched the WJ Accelerator. The Accelerator program was designed specifically for start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to fast track their marketing, without the big budget buy-in. Accelerator unites big-agency strategy and design with small-business specific marketing consultations that equip you with both the tools and the support you need to succeed.

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Winners 2017

ArroWhere Project Overview

ArroWhere design apparel for cyclists and pedestrians that features highly visible and reflective arrows to protect the wearer from road accidents and keep them safe. Most reflective safety clothing relies on non-communicative markings to increase visibility, but ArroWhere gear enhances the wearer’s visibility and safety through the visual cues the garments provide. Most motorists subconsciously react to the universal arrow, and instinctively follow the arrow’s signal to move away from the wearer. Uniquely, the reflective arrow featured on the back of ArroWhere apparel and accessories points either left or right, depending on where the wearer is in the world and which side of the road they are cycling, running or walking on. ArroWhere apparel boasts the technical specifications expected of today’s active-wear, with a focus on enhanced safety features perfect for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

With a solid business plan and unique product offering, ArroWhere were eager to expand their market presence, appealing to retailers and consumers alike. As the winner of this year’s RPM Competition, we were excited to help build their brand, grow their audience and achieve their business goals.

Initial Meeting

We met with Khyle Pinkman, the Co-Founder of ArroWhere, to learn more about him, his business and his goals. Their marketing had been largely limited to word-of-mouth, social media and trade show exposure, and he and his business partner knew they needed to refine their brand to really stand out in the crowded athletic apparel market, attract retailers and expand their customer base.

Marketing Solutions Presentation

Informed by the insights we derived which considers a business’ target audience and includes a competitor and SWOT analysis, we gained an understanding of how to position the ArroWhere brand most effectively. As a strategy-based agency, our team is committed to marketing solutions grounded fact-based exploration. Next, we considered the brand’s attributes and how they stand out from their competitors.

With its distinct, reflective arrow, ArroWhere apparel serves a distinct purpose: to enhance the safety of the wearer and the motorists who share the road. This concept of collective safety inspires a sense of community amongst riders, runners and motorists alike, and is a key differentiator for ArroWhere.

Inspired by the brand’s commitment to safety through design and community, we set out to define the brand visually. We created a mood board to capture our vision for the brand and define the elements that will help it stand out. From colour palette to graphic treatments, the visual brand we crafted for ArroWhere conveys a sense of strength, certainty and safety while highlighting the modern, technical aspects of the apparel and the lifestyles of those who wear it. ArroWhere is designed for the everyday athlete, and it was important to position the brand in a way that resonates with a diverse demographic who share one common goal: arriving to their destination safely. ArroWhere brings assurance to those who wear the arrow, so they can look forward knowing ArroWhere has their back.

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