Hard Work & Determination

We understand the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

On the best of days, owning your own business is a bit of a gamble, and we could all use a hand-up.
That’s what the Raw Power Marketing Project is all about.

The RPM Project 2016

If you are an entrepreneurial company in Alberta and Saskatchewan and know $15,000 in marketing services would help your company race ahead of the competition, this contest is for you.

Owning a business takes hard work, determination, and talent. And when times get tough, even the best run businesses need to be supercharged to get ahead. William Joseph works to boost your internal marketing team or acts as your external marketing team. If your business needs a marketing boost, today is your lucky day. Enter the Raw Power of Marketing contest and fuel your business’ growth with powerful objective driven marketing.

To boost your company’s bottom line, we will be giving one hardworking entrepreneur the chance to win $15,000 in marketing from William Joseph to help provide solutions to the complex challenges that owning an independent business presents. Our crew knows what a difference an investment in marketing can make for businesses, and the RPM Project was created to reward the hard work and dedication of entrepreneurs in Alberta and Saskatchewan with great marketing from William Joseph.

Entry is now closed and interviews are currently being conducted. Stay tuned for the announcement of the final six applicants.

Winners 2016

Here it is! William Joseph is proud to present the winner of the 2016 RPM Project – ArroWhere! We are thrilled to begin working with this hardworking company on their upcoming marketing initiatives in 2017.


What is the ArroWhere Effect? ArroWhere is an apparel and accessories company that has created a patent-pending design that not only allows wearers to be seen up to ¼ mile away, but also advises motorists which direction to go in, should they want to pass them on the roadway. The reflective arrow featured on the back of the clothing articles and accessories points either left or right, depending on where the wearer is in the world and which side of the road they are cycling, running or walking on. The symbol both allows the wearer to become noticed by motorists, while also effectively communicating with them how they should proceed, if they would like to pass the wearer.  ArroWhere apparel and accessories are currently available to purchase online, and ship worldwide.


How Does it Work?

William Joseph is an entrepreneurial marketing and communications agency that wants to support other entrepreneurs. To do this, we are holding a contest for entrepreneurs to win $15K in marketing.

Following the first round, contestants will be shortlisted and invited to meet with William Joseph. Six companies will then be asked to film a 2 to 3-minute video that includes a description of their business and its unique value proposition, as well as how $15,000 in marketing would help their company. The winner will be selected based on the short video and the quality of their answer.

Entry is now closed and the first round is underway.


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